• Resolve the issues holding you back from achieving your goals.
  • Turn your negative habits into constructive behaviors.
  • Create real change to live a happier, more satisfying life...

Dr. Ira Goodman is a compassionate therapist specializing in psychotherapy,
clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy for adults, children and adolescents, families,
and couples. With over 25 years of helping people, Dr. Goodman can provide you,
and those you love, with an effective, personalized treatment plan for:

Anxiety • Stress • Depression • Anger • Relationship Issues
Sexual Dysfunction • Phobias • OCD • Sleep Disorders
Chronic Pain • ADD/ADHD • Night Terrors • Low Self-Esteem
Academic Problems • Test Anxiety • Sports Psychology • Grief
Post-Traumatic Stress • Life Transitions • Smoking Cessation
Weight Loss • Travel Phobia • Tic Removal • Selective Mutism
Habit Cough • Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Take the important first step by contacting Dr. Goodman today. Let him give you
the caring support and the empowering tools and techniques to help you live a
happier, more satisfying life.